The OS for Your Work Day


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Enterprise Application
  • SaaS
  • Productivity Software


Zoom.ai provides an automated assistant that can handle and automate operational tasks including:

  • Calendar management
  • Meeting preparedness
  • Introductions
  • Travel logistics
  • Reminders
  • More


Zoom.ai is available on the following platforms:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Spark
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Kik
  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • Email


User Benefits:

  • More time to work on job duties and create value
  • Increased happiness at work
  • Decreased need to work overtime
  • Data democratization


Company Benefits:

  • Decreased costs across employee base
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Productivity analytics, visibility, and insights
  • Better employee retention
  • Less time for employee onboarding and training



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Zoom.ai wants to give managers and others in enterprise a gift that has a very high value in business: Time. Company founder Roy Pereira told me at Montreal' Startupfest that while tools are making us more productive, we're also expected to handle more, and that's causing a growing problem his startup hopes to address with AI.
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Today, the Canadian Innovation Exchange announced the 2016 roster of 20 innovative technology companies that have been inducted into the annual CIX Top 20 program. Companies are chosen by a selection committee made up of technology experts and investors from across the country.
Why spend countless hours on things that AI can do for you? AI is here and it gets better literally every day. A few such examples are X.ai, Zoom.ai and Grid.io, all of which use AI extensively. X.ai, otherwise known as Amy, is a personal assistant who can schedule meetings for you, and reschedule meetings for you, without ever losing her temper.
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Betaworks, a White Star Capital partner, recently hosted its Botcamp day. Betaworks CEO John Borthwick, my fellow Kellogg alumnus Matt Hartman, and the rest of the team put on an excellent day with great speakers and demos by eight promising bot startups.
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Declare your lifelong love for Poncho-a weather service personified by a tabby cat in a yellow raincoat that happens to be one of the most successful bots in Facebook Messenger-and it responds with an awww, shucks-like " Hiiiiii~." But unleash a stream of profanity, as some users do, and Poncho puts your relationship on hold.

Roy Pereira

Roy Pereira started his first startup in after attending Carleton University for computer science. He has since created and worked in several startups and large successful tech companies in Ottawa, Silicon Valley and now Toronto.

When he was a real geek working in Ottawa’s tech hub, he invented remote access IPSec VPN, which he was granted several patents on. He has also worked in Silicon Valley at Cisco where he was part of the founding team of the security business unit which generated more than $1B in annual revenue.

In 2007 he started the world’s first Facebook marketing agency and along with Crispin Porter Bogusky, brought out Burger King’s Sacrifice campaign, which won most of the interactive awards for 2009. ‘Delete’ 10 friends and get a free Whopper.

He started Shiny Ads, his fifth startup, in 2009 to help the world’s top digital publishers better monetize premium ad buys and in the process invented an alternative to RTB called “automated guaranteed”. Shiny Ads was acquired by LA-based Rubicon Project (NYSE-RUBI) in 2014.

Zoom.ai was born out of a desire to be productive while at Rubicon Project.

Team Members

Faisal Abid

Senior Engineer

Faisal is a Google Developer Expert, Entrepreneur, and Engineer. He is a programming language enthusiast and loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack.

In his free time, Faisal leads Javascript, Node.js, Dart, or Android workshops and presents at conferences around the world.

Pouria Fewzee

Senior Data Scientist

Coming out of the University of Waterloo with a PhD in machine learning, Pouria joined Chango (Rubicon Project) to design and implement the company’s retargeting algorithm. He is now in charge of natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms at Zoom.ai.

Andre de Souza

VP, Engineering

Prior to joining Zoom.ai, Andre was an Engineering Manager at Rubicon Project leading teams working on scaling digital advertising solutions. He has more that 10 years in leadership roles in technology as well as experience in large enterprise IT deployments.


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