Idle data and idle staff are killing retail. We fix that, and make the buying experience more local, authentic and mobile.


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The Statflo platform starts by connecting a retailer's existing data sources, including raw commission files, SFDC, POS systems and data warehouses.  The Statflo Retail Success team then works with the retailer to design a rollout plan and train the artificial intelligence engine to find the best leads.
Once live, the Statflo platform assigns time-sensitive tasks for each retail staff member, along with what to say, allowing them to start the optimal conversation with a prospect or customer. Leads expire at the end of each month, which creates stickiness.
Statflo's reporting engine clearly measures the ROI of Statflo activities by tracking the conversations, appointments and live purchase results of the retail team, without the use of coupon codes. With our point of sale integration, Statflo is the only solution on the market able to prove verified sales that resulted from the platform's activities, and is even used to change compensation in retail (reps are paid more when they make a sale that resulted from a Statflo-prompted conversation).

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You can learn more about CIX 2015 here. Today we sat down with Kevin Gervais, CEO of Statflo. What impact does being on the CIX Top 20 have on your business? It's humbling to think we're among the greatest innovators in Canada. It validates our global and long-term vision of reinventing wireless customer service.
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As The Disruptors co-host Amber Kanwar put it, most people don't know too many friends and family members who love dealing with their wireless carriers. Statflo, which recently raised a $2.4 million seed round for its data platform targeting wireless retailers, went on the show to claim that it is revolutionizing the customer service experience.
Team Summary

CEO - Kevin Gervais

Experienced marketer, industry analyst, sales strategist, and strong in startup finance & ops

CTO - Steve Pereira
DevOps and scalability expert. Manages DevOpsTO, speaks worldwide on scaling tech

VP Sales - Scott McArthur

9 years at TELUS in channel marketing + national retail experience. Responsible for 70% of revenue growth in 2016 by expanding and repeating our success in enterprise (landed 5 enterprise deals in latter part of 2016, up from 1 in 2015). 

Director of Engineering - Clive Zango
Previously at Rubicon, Instaclick, experienced scaling and managing a technical team


VP Product - Ian Gervais, Co-Founder

Experienced product innovator, end-user expert, network engineer and part of founding team

VP Finance - Maria Christova, CFA
Focused on forecasting, budget adherance, billing automation, monetization of our IP, SRED, IRAP


John Chapman

Industry Advisor

Prior to co-founding Statflo with Kevin and Ian, John worked in the IT field for over 40 years and created CanAsyst to help SMBs and corporate clients manage their wireless spending and influence employee behaviour, serving as company President. Customers of CanAsyst include national brands and Fortune 100 companies.

John's expertise and relationships in the telecom sector enabled Statflo to book initial meetings at major telecom retailers and TELUS.

Ian Gervais

VP Product

Ian is passionate about user experiences, and has been building interfaces and products alongside Kevin since the age of 10.

He is a firm defender of the end-user and was the original employee at Statflo for the first 2 years as he and Kevin migrated the solution from a "reporting/dashboard only" system to one that generates revenue for retailers automatically.

As a value add, Ian also brings with him security and audit experience as a Cisco engineer, and thinks a lot about internal and external security, data access rules and infrastructure.

Kevin Gervais

Co-founder & CEO

Kevin started his first company at the age of 7, presenting to his first enterprise customer at age 14 (and won them as a client), and went on to found 2 ad agencies and 1 software product factory (which build products for other companies). Over the years, he has worked with over 200 clients spanning retail, construction, non-profits, hospitality, SaaS, and the Fortune 1000, billing (profitably) upwards of $500 per hour.

Statflo was born out of a personal desire to have a better retail experience that was more proactive, modern and personal. Retailers would send faceless coupons and he was tired having to constantly repeat himself every time he came back to the same store or interfaced with a different channel at a telecom carrier.

A marketer and business modeller first, Kevin is passionate about rapidly proving out ideas and getting customers to pay before building them. He spends his spare time often as an industry analyst, and can be found speaking at conferences related to branding (ran a session with SVP Marketing T-Mobile in Seattle last year), scaling a sales team, the retail experience and why the customer journey today needs to change.

Team Members

Steve Pereira


Steve specializes in tech scalability, API development, technical stack management and Continuously Automating Innovation.

For the past 18 years, Steve has been empowering business with tech, and humanizing IT. Prior to Statflo, Steve advised some of Toronto's top startup and enterprise teams (ex: Wave, Myplanet) to increase their performance, agility and delivered value.

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