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Spently is the top app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications customers receive. These are existing emails customers get after every purchase, but come standard from Shopify and other platforms without marketing capabilities or advanced customization. These are order, shipping, customer account, and abandoned cart emails. Since these are the most opened emails merchants send their customers, these interactions are the perfect opportunity to upsell products, offer discounts, and more.


With Spently, merchants are able to create beautiful templates and track these emails, giving the store a more sophisticated look, and customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase.


Why merchants value the Spently product:

  • There are no easy ways to customize or include marketing content in transactional emails on Shopify or any other popular e-commerce platforms
  • Merchants can easily upsell products and offer discounts after a purchase via the most important emails consistently viewed by customers
  • These are the most opened & and engaged with emails merchants can send their customers
  • Order, Shipping, and other transactional emails drive 4-5x more results than email newsletters
  • The Spently app is the most robust and flexible app to support transactional emails
  • The app has helped merchants generate over $100 million in repeat sales over the last 6 months
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Spently allows users to turn their transactional emails into marketing opportunities. Bruce Croxon and Amber Kanwar discuss.
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Nicholas Wiktorczyk

Nicholas is a natural leader and action-oriented problem solver that conceptualizes what he wants and organizes himself and others to achieve it. He understands how groups work, and drives them to become efficient and effective.

As an online store owner, Nicholas experiences the pains of ordinary transactional emails and the opportunities that lie within them to drive real revenue and repeat sales. This unique opportunity gives him insight into the minds of online store owners and build features that will directly impact them.

In addition to Spently, Nicholas is a partner in monte & coe, a premium handcrafted luggage and accessories company that prides it self on making its luggage in Canada.

Vincent Panepinto

Vincent is a driven entrepreneur that helps brands deliver a better customer experience and increase revenues. He launched Spently with the core mission of enhancing consumer loyalty after every purchase.

Vincent has experience in previous entrepreneurial ventures, as well as being a Territory Manager for all retailers in Ontario selling Naya Waters. From here, he discovered the fundamentals of retail sales & marketing objectives and how to improve them. After submitting the business plan for Spently, he recieved the New Venture Fund award during his post-graduate studies in Global Business Management.

Team Members

Anja Gusev

Chief Technology Officer

Anja oversees all architecture, technology and systems at Spently, while managing several developers. She also liaises with technical partners and ensures our application continues to run efficiently as we continue to scale growth.


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