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My Green Space™ provides its users a smartphone app, website, and e-commerce store to empower them to grow food in any space, without prior experience. Unlike any other platform, it is an end-to-end solution including planning, purchasing, managing, and harvesting. Saving 90% of the time and 80% of the mistakes getting an urban garden started.


How My Green Space™ helps people start to grow food with confidence:


Digital Planning

The smartphone app provides users a customized garden plan within seconds. It asks a few simple questions to determine the size of space, hours of sunlight, it then uses integrated growing zone data, and a built-in companion planting algorithm to instantly create a personalized visual garden map.



E-commerce is built-in allowing new gardeners to order everything they need to succeed. They can purchase all products matching their garden plan including: garden kits, seeds, soil, planters/containers and tools. Repeat purchases are seamless.


Management and Notifications

Users are sent simple notifications to their smartphone. Intelligent maintenance reminders and easy to follow tutorials, when to plant, water, thin, and successfully harvest crops.


Rapid Troubleshooting

A built-in plant doctor provides instant troubleshooting to determine any pests and diseases in seconds, and offers simple organic solutions. 


Educational Content and Community

Expert tutorials and fresh content educates users how to grow their own urban garden. Including detailed how-to blogs, step by step visual guides, tips and ideas. Users can also rely on expert chat support. My Green Space™ allows people to celebrate their harvest with an interactive community of growers; all on one platform.

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By Cate Pedersen Any amateur gardener and urban farmer wannabe will tell you that they wish they had an agricultural expert at their beck and call. There are probably a million websites devoted to growing your own veggies and teaching horticulture to the cultivationally challenged, but none of them will tap you on the shoulder and whisper, "Hey, did you remember to water that kale?"
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You are what you eat - but what about how you eat? Specifically, how do you get your food? Is it ethical - and by extension, are you ethical? The ' buy local' movement and growth of foodie culture more generally have woken up the public to question the traditional mode of factory-farm-to-supermarket-to-plate.
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SnapMunk * 4 min read Birth Name: Michael Moll Nickname / Desired Superhero Name: The Full Time Optimist Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya (Born) - Vancouver, British Columbia (Lives) Company Founding Year: 2014 What's your professional background? Have you always been an entrepreneur or have you paid your dues working for "The Man" too?
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As part of our continuing exploration of trends on the fringe of food culture, we caught up with Michael Moll, co-founder and CEO of My Green Space. After seeing Michael's impassioned talk about his start-up at University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business' Chasing Sustainability Conference, we stalked him until he gave us an interview.
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Team Summary

Michael Moll, CEO & Co-Founder 

Michael has strong sales skills and a passion for gardening. Storytelling and marketing are Michael’s strong suits. He considers himself a garden lorax and community evangelist. He grew up in Kenya and came to Canada on a full leadership scholarship to study marketing and sustainability at UBC Sauder School of Business in 2008. At UBC he experimented with different startup ideas and finally launched Goodnights in 2012 (now an event ticketing platform with an app that consumers could buy event tickets on their phone. After exiting Goodnights he found his passion for gardening. Growing his own food for 4 years, Michael realized that gardens could be a catalyst for community and social change and that a business serving this movement could benefit people and the planet, while gaining profit. He now spends his days working tirelessly with his team to fulfill the mission set out by My Green Space: a garden in every home.   


Harp Dhinsa, CTO & Co-Founder 

Harp is a full-stack developer who has developed the technology for My Green Space. His role involves everything from implementing the algorithms for calculating plant growing cycles to creating and deploying the iPhone and Android apps. A natural techie, Harp got his first computer in kindergarten, running on MS-DOS and allowing him to learn how to interact with technology using typed out commands. From there, he began learning how to program and develop websites in elementary school, fueling his passion for software development. Harp has a bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in computer science and biology from the University of British Columbia. His past experience includes working as a software developer at Ipsos, one of the largest global market research firms. Here, Harp lead a development team that secretly ran as a startup within the Ipsos office (hidden from "corporate" politics) in order to innovate and create a modern platform for big-name clients to measure and filter customer feedback from live survey data. The technology his team developed allowed the company to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue within months of launch, and helped to secure lucrative deals with top clients.     


Harpreet Bains, COO & Co-Founder

Business is a natural fit for Harpreet, especially in the agriculture space. Born in Vancouver, she was raised on a 75 acre farm for which she led business operations for over 15 years. She is well versed in the pains of commercial farming as well as the community that is created from growing food. She took on a well-rounded education, majoring in psychology, with focus on attitudes, persuasion, behavioural and social psychology. Having a passion for design, she was a builder in residential construction. Her extensive experience in project management and event planning led her to attain a Masters Certificate in Project Management. Interestingly, Harpreet has been a certified yoga instructor for 10 years, founding and facilitating non-profit community yoga programs. She has 6 years of board experience as Director and Chair, in governance, risk, engagement, tributes, strategic planning and fundraising for the alumni association of her alma-mater, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She is also in her 6th year as a university Senator. Harpreet is passionate about making a global social impact using technology, and inspiring generations about true wellness. Her role at My Green Space allows her to apply her two praxes of education and service into action. 




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