Homigo takes care of your home so you don't have to.


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Homigo acts like a concierge for your house. We start by doing an inspection of the house and enter the data we gather in our database (all kinds of information such as the type of roof, model of appliances, age of the furnace, type of furnace filter etc.).  We then send the homeowner a customized, actionable maintenance plan (e.g. replace the furnace filter, sweep the chimney, flush the water tank). After reviewing the plan and estimates, one click is all the homeowner needs— we take care of scheduling, billing and managing the trades. We also act as a single point of contact for any kind of work that needs to be done, and can be reached through an SMS interface to facilitate easy booking - because Homigo knows everything about the house, we generally know what's wrong before sending help. We collect all of the data on what is breaking down or needing replacement around the house and when, data that we plan on monetizing.  We scale the business tapping into existing channels (real estate and general contractors) in different cites, and by bringing on local general contractor firms as franchisees.

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Guillaume Laliberte

Guillaume is a focused entrepreneur, a keen learner and an aspiring polyglot. He founded his first company at the age of 17 and has pursued his passion for building companies ever since. He holds a computer science degree from Harvard, co-founded a Y Combinator-backed company and a number of other tech ventures. He is a combination of definite social skills, scientific rigor and business savy.

David Steckel

David has owned and operated his own service based companies for the last 10 years since graduating from UofT. David believes that the key to any company, not just serviced based, should be a focus on customer experience and communication.

His experience renovating and building homes in Toronto along with servicing landlords like the Canadian Armed forces, UHN, Brookfield etc...gave him the unique skill set to create Homigo: a Facility Management company for high end homes.

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