Crowdmatrix is a private investment platform that connects growing companies seeking capital with accredited investors. Our goal is to make the process of raising capital more efficient for Canadian entrepreneurs by bringing the entire process online.

Who is Crowdmatrix for?

Crowdmatrix is for early stage Canadian companies that are seeking a seed round or series A. Companies should have a working product/service and can demonstrate traction with their target market.

Syndicate Model & Lead Investor

Crowdmatrix uses the Syndicate Model to help companies raise money. A Syndicate is an organized group of investors that combine their funds to invest in a specific deal.

The Syndicate Model requires a Lead Investor. The Lead Investor is at the head of the deal and is an experienced venture investor with a track record of successful investments that will be responsible for negotiating your term sheet and writing the first cheque. You and your Lead Investor use the Crowdmatrix platform to fill the remaining amount of your raise from our community of accredited investors.

We recommend that you have a Lead Investor when you apply to raise funds. This means you have an experienced investor that has researched and vetted your company, decided to invest their own money and will negotiate your term sheet. You do not need to have a Lead Investor to apply – if we think your company is a great fit for our platform, we can assist you in finding one.

What are the fees?

There are no fees for companies raising on Crowdmatrix. We do offer back office services to help companies get all their financials in order before they raise money.

How do you get started?

First you need to complete the online application. Crowdmatrix will then review your application and contact you if your company is a right fit for our platform.