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Investment Opportunities

Toronto, ON
Homigo acts like a concierge for your house. We take care of your home so you don't have to.
John Kelleher
Toronto, ON
A cloud based music production, collaboration and distribution platform targeting aspiring amateur & professional musicians.
Extreme Venture Partners
Eve Tab
Toronto, ON
Eve Tab is your Nightclub Bar Tab. Pre-pay for bar tab to skip the line and enter for free.
Extreme Venture Partners
Toronto, ON
Turn your guest wi-fi into your most powerful marketing asset.
Toronto, ON
The easiest way to drive repeat purchases in e-commerce. Turn transactional emails and data into marketing opportunities with product recommendations, discounts, and more follow-up emails after every purchase.
Gopher Leads
Toronto, ON
Gopher Leads is a mobile enterprise platform which rallies your whole company, whether it’s your drivers, technicians, or service personnel, to identify and capture sales opportunities on their daily routines.
Montreal, QC
Neptune aims to enrich your life, through the power of disruptive technology and intuitive design.

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Crowdmatrix increases investors deal flow and access to exclusive high quality private deals.

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We offer professional grade security and protection to both investors and companies to ensure everyone involved in the deal is protected.

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We will not be charging companies or investors a transaction fee, we only make money when investors make money on successful deals.

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